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Throwback to some of my favorite adventures with my all time favorite company @sackclothxashes ✨ their soft and cozy blankets are my number one essential to bring with me to iceland, scotland, new zealand, canada, austria... you name it. they make me feel at home even when i’m thousands of miles away from my actual home. on a side note: my friends from sackcloth and ashes are launching something exciting next month, can’t tell you more but i’m really stoked about it! 🏕 (werbung)

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Trent and i biked last night. (yes, i am aware that this is a photo of kade and i). we weren’t able to snap a photo because we were obviously racing 😬
it always starts off as a casual bike and then by the end we are seeing how fast we can go around the corners, coming out with a “whew!” and a high five! being stoked for each other for something so small is one of my fave things about us.
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What you can see here: me enjoying a mythical sunrise at a perfectly reflecting lake with a thick layer of clouds slowly moving into this magical serene scene. ✨

not pictured: getting up at 1am after approximately 90mins of sleep, hiking 11kms with 700m elevation gain through the dark, me screaming in panic at a bird i had mistaken for a wolverine, a muddy trail, blisters on my feet, wet grass so high that everything from my shirt to my toes got completely soaked, and us almost turning around shortly before we reached the lake because the freezing wind picked up quite a lot. 🥶
and i would do it all over again, because as much as i did not wanna wake up in the morning, for moments like these followed by a hot cup of chocolate it pays off. ☕️ easily one of my top five sunrises this year.

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Rad shot by @ninadefilla ⛰

stellar views way waaaay up in the mountains 🤯
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Running into the weekend 🐕😜 swipe to see the whole story🐶🐶🐶 which photo is your fav? ❤️ 📸 #montsaintmichel #normandie #island #france #sunset

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Watching the sun go down at yet another breathtaking canadian lake. i continue to feel spoiled by this beautiful country and even a little overwhelmed at how much there is to explore within only an hour or two from my back door. moving to a new place or new country is never easy but with views like this in your backyard it’s hard not to feel just a little bit (a lot) thankful. i still find it hard to believe that this is my new reality and no longer just a thought i had niggling away at the back of my mind #whyihike
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Oasis in colorado 🌿✨
photo by @whereisweatherby
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