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Belgium photo no 4 - gent

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Patiently waiting for harry and ron to pick me up in the anglia⚡️🚂 know any spells?

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Finally getting the hang of shooting (pictures) around fairbanks. growing up here, i only took photos of cars and animals, (mostly my moms dogs🙂) also... i got a 17% in my photography class. so i obviously wasn’t very good... 😢 😂 finding the beauty around fairbanks hasn’t been too tough though. thank you to everyone who’s continued following along even though my feed has changed from mostly warm sunny beaches. (i’ll capture more of those soon too) anyways, i appreciate you all. 🙏

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If you feel like you're losing everything, remember that trees lose their leaves every year and they still stand tall and wait for better days to come. 🍁
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@joshuafooo inspiring your next adventure !
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Как гулять с тремя собаками.🙀🙈🤔
Нужно иметь: пояс, крепкие поводки, крепкие нервы, сильно пахнущие вкусняшки. Доезжаешь до ближайшего леса, где есть зимняя тропа, заходишь с рвущимися с поводка собаками метров на сто от дороги. Отпускаешь, имея наготове вкусняшку. 😓Падаешь в снег и пытаешься восстановить дыхание.

how to walk with three dogs.🙄😂
you need to have: a belt, strong leashes, strong nerves, strong smelling sweets. you drive to the nearest forest where the winter trail passes. you and mad dogs are moving into the forest a hundred meters from the road. you let go of the dogs, having a tasty treat at the ready. you fall into the snow and try to regain your breath.

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#throwbackthursday 😂 who do you think was faster?

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