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You know those days when you wake up, reach for your phone out of habit, & then start scrolling through your newsfeed on ig? but the more you scroll, the worse you start to feel about yourself.
you start comparing your life to someone else’s highlight reel, wondering why you’re not doing something epic & awesome today like everyone else. you wonder why you didn’t get that brand deal, or that press trip, why you’re losing followers when everyone else seems to be growing, & you begin to doubt yourself & your abilities. maybe you aren’t cut out for this. the market is too saturated already anyways, & the competition is too strong.
when these thoughts start to creep into your head, please remember this:
“your competition isn’t other people.
your competition is your procrastination. your ego. the unhealthy food you’re consuming, the knowledge you neglect. the negative behavior you’re nurturing, & your lack of creativity. compete against that.” // oyerooh

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Park royal on pickering hotel in singapore.
#thisissingapore #singapore photo credit @kevouthere

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Just trying my best to blend in ✨😌✨
posting one more of these supertrees, because they’re just too pretty not to! 🌳
although they’re not actually made of trees, they’re comprised of more than 162,900 plants and 200 species from all around the world 🤯
the canopies are also embedded with environmentally sustainable functions & can harvest solar energy for lighting up the supertrees. i love when nature can be incorporated into manmade structures like this!
what are some of your favorite manmade structures in the world?

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You take the blue one, & i’ll take the pink one. 💙💖 now when can i move in? 😍
we loved exploring the charming corner of katong & joo chiat in eastern singapore, where peranakan culture can still be found through heritage shophouses, quaint eateries, & the ornate decor of these colorful two-story terrace houses. (in singapore, peranakan is a term that means “local born”, & generally refers to people of chinese & malay/indonesian heritage.)
i was inspired by @taramilktea to check out these pretty pastel houses after seeing her photos, & i was definitely not disappointed! 💕
i only wished i had more time in the area, as it was almost nightfall by the time we got here! there’s definitely a lot to see (and eat!) in katong & joo chiat. ☺️
👗 by @sheinofficial (use the code 1catt15 to get 15% off your next order. i also linked this dress in my bio!)
#shein #sheingals

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Surrounded with our biggest dreams😻
friends, follow our account about life in new york @nycityworld
🗽 new york every day!❤️

📷amazing view by @miro.px
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Things that aren’t serving you:
• outdated thought patterns (open your mind)
• recycling negative energy (let go)
• one-sided relationships hanging by a thread (cut the chord)
• self-defeating talk (remember who you are)
• toxic exposure (guard your mind)
• fake & inactive followers (they were never real anyways)
// lalah delia
(i added that last bullet point myself 😉)
many of you, myself included, may have woken up to a few hundred or a couple thousand followers less than the day before. at first, all i could think about was how even with countless hours of editing & spending time on here, i wasn’t getting anywhere.
but then i took a step back from it all again & asked myself, what am i racing towards anyways? if a drop in followers was due to a system glitch, or because ig is getting rid of inactive accounts, does it really matter?
what actually matters are the people who do show up to your page, who give you support & are rooting for you every day. that’s who we should be showing up for. so although it might be discouraging, just remember that those followers you lost weren’t really there to begin with.

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🧧the cutest little not quite #dametraveler! just as i was lining up my shot this little cutie sauntered into frame, red packet in hand. ⁣
do you celebrate lunar new year? we are now in the year of the pig, symbolising good fortune. wishing you a year of wealth and prosperity! 🐷⁣

- - -⁣⁣⁣
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When your dress matches the flowers, you gotta do a little happy dance 🌸💃🏻 🌸
although singapore may be a bustling city, there’s also a lot of nature & greenery. what amazed me was how well this city was able to integrate nature among its streets & buildings, with plants & foliage quite literally hanging off building rooftops & walls. 🌿
if you’re visiting singapore for a couple days, then the singapore botanic gardens is not to be missed. it’s a 158 year old tropical garden and the first & only one to be honored as a unesco world heritage site. but best of all- it’s free! 🙌 (well, with the exception of the orchid garden that costs $5 to get in, but still totally worth it).
with a city as expensive as singapore, you’d best take advantage of all things free here! 😅
🌸👗 by @shein #shein (you can now shop my look by downloading the free app & taking a screenshot of this post or clicking on the link in my bio! #liketkit

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