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Perspective ✨ the small tiny imperfection on the left side of my jacket is bird poop. yes, bird poop. everyone says it means good luck to get pooped on by a bird but lately to me i just feel i’ve been the most unlucky person ⚡️ this season of my life i pictured turning out way different, and at times seems like the world is out to get me. however, i’ve been really striving to refocus my thinking. lucky and unlucky are just how we train our minds to think of a certain situation ✨ i’m quickly realizing the things that happen in our lives that may seem unlucky while they are happening, are the moments that help us grow and lead us to where we are meant to be — which is luck in disguise 💛

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A lot of the work i do is creditless 🤷🏽‍♂️ so what, do i stop? nah, i just go harder.... to the point where i’m a necessity and a critical part of whatever companies infrastructure...... that’s when you can flex your true power 💪🏾😁🤫 in the beginning of your journey you won’t get much of any credit for any of the work you put in, but don’t give up or stop doing your best! trust me, the people at the top see you! 🌊🦈🏁 #toreachallprofits .
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Feeling a lot of mental and emotional fatigue this week, so i'm doing everything i can to stay positive, trust the process, and keep pushing towards my goals and what i know i deserve. 🤞 in the meantime, i'm just over hear trying to keep a smile on my face and this avo toast is definitely putting me in a little better mood! 🥑🍞 gluten free toast, smashed avo, pistachios, h**p seeds, pink salt, pepper, and chipotle powder! yum!! .
what do you do to stay positive when you start to get down on yourself?? would love to hear it!!

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A word from my girl @sarahjakesroberts
soon enough everyone will see what god saw, but can you be ok if nobody knows it but you and god?
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one day we’ll look back on this day and laugh at how we thought we’d be undercover forever.
as you continue to break into industries and groom your gift, never resent that “they” don’t see you properly.
you’ve been sent and sent people are revealed in god’s timing. it’s preparation season. #eatlikeaking

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Have you ever meet someone, who looks attractive af, and the moment they start talking, you are turned off. they have no spark inside, no fire, no energy to lift you up. 😐
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Always have this in mind
it tells who you really are
let keep helping
not hurt the finger that feed you.
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All i can be is unapologetically me 🖤
and here’s the thing... if you choose to #beunapologeticallyyou too, i just have to remind you, that unfortunately, not everyone is going to like that. not everyone is going to applaud you, agree with your choices, or just plain like you. but—- at the end of the day, people will have to respect the fact that you are being true to you, and that you are uniquely you in this world 🌎 for a reason🥰
don’t allow yourself to feel judged by others. your parents, siblings, colleagues, nor your friends are walking 🚶‍♀️ in your shoes👠. you have to right to choose to live your life in the way to makes you feel most strong 💪🏽, powerful, and confident — and you don’t owe anyone an apology for that💕the throwback 90s track may have said it best:
i don't need permission
make my own decisions
that's my prerogative
so my friends — there is no time like the present to be proud of exactly who you are. choose to do you every single day👊🏽 no apologies, no regrets — just you, willing to stand up for what you want, need, and deserve 💫
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A. make “good choices” and get some sleep or b. at least tomorrow’s friday so you can drag a bit 🤣😂😘 which do you choose? 😅 📸 credit @mommunited

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