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Nasz dom na kółkach nareszcie gotowy na podróżnicze podboje ❤
muszę się pochwalić, że to miętowe cudo stworzliśmy własnoręcznie z @dawidlisicki i z pomocą naszych niezastąpionych tatów ♡ jeszcze tylko drobne poprawki, uzupełnienie dodatków i ruszamy na majówkę. i to w jakim stylu! 🌻
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📍val di funes, italy
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Postcards from valletta, malta 😍
photos by @inesa_shugajeva, @ahoiadventures, @harve

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Hiii! where in the world are ben, meag and moose?!
on the moon! just kidding, we’re in our bus in new hampshire. what, not on the at?! let’s recap...
our plan last month was to drive the bus to nh from fl and in the three teeny weeks that followed — attend a film festival in oh, prepare all of our hiking gear, dehydrate a couple months worth of food, visit family and friends we hadn’t seen in six months or more and set off for the appalachian trail down in georgia.
life didn’t happen quiiiiite like that. 😊
we spent more time at the festival and in ne with friends/family because we really wanted to. in those moments there was nowhere else we wanted to be.
meanwhile, ben and i continued shaping a business idea we’ve had for a while and taking the steps we need to take to make it a reality.
so! last week we realized we’re just too late for a northbound at hike this time, especially with the heat and with moose, etc.
and that’s okay.
if this lifestyle taught us anything it’s to flow with change rather than try to control it. this applies to so many things. you’re not on anyone’s timeline to experience life but your own. acknowledge that gift and move forward, a little better each day because life is full of tiny opportunities to adapt and thrive.
we officially set up our business and our wild drive life scholarship fund this month which feels great. we’re making another move i’ll talk more about soon! 🤩 thank you again for sticking with us while we stepped back to make some life things happen. thanks also for reading this far in. you rock. yes, you! 🥰
we have some really exciting stuff in development. more soon.
we’ll be out of touch from may 1-12 at a vipassana meditation course. @gnomad_home — these two sweet individuals were our inspiration for doing this! sending them all the love. 🧘‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️

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