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Golden hour at a poppy field✨
made a quick trip to catch the last days of poppies just before leaving for chicago but didn’t get around to posting it before. hope you are enjoying the heatwave! it’s expected 37c this thursday which is a little terrifying for london😅

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We're a month into summer in the northern hemisphere—are you making the most of your beach days? while countries like portugal👆or italy might be well-known for their incredible beaches, there are some more unexpected countries that have seriously beautiful beaches as well. and psst.. unexpected=uncrowded! head to the link in our bio for 10 countries with amazing beaches that you wouldn't expect. photo by @nishmakvana_. #afarmag #traveldeeper

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Summer rain | by the sea

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Picture perfect porto 💛 i want to go back very soon, because i only spend 2 days in this beautiful city! too short to discover all this city has to offer. what are your favorite spots in the city? @visitportoandnorth #visitporto #porto #portugal

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Yonaguni horses are small and adorable, but they are also surprisingly strong and have great endurance. find them run free around the island!

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This stunning spot in taormina reminds us of the hanging gardens of babylon! 🍃 talk about wonders of the world! #globein 📸: @design.j****e

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How beautiful is the facade of the great mosque of st petersburg?
it is the biggest mosque in the european part of russia. when opened in 1913 it was the largest mosque in europe outside turkey. the building facade is made by combining both oriental ornaments and turquoise blue mosaic.

i could stare at it for hours, admiring all the details...

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Great small beach towns come in many forms. they can be surrounded by sands baking under a constant sun or tucked away in the mist of a distant forest. they can be lively or pin-drop quiet retreats. cannon beach is just 90 minutes west of portland, oregon (bus service is available!), and the town includes a variety of restaurants from fine dining to dog-friendly. the town is small but gets busy during summer, though the weather haven't planned your big beach trip of summer yet? head to the link in our bio for our favorite beach towns in the u.s. photo by @worksmarttravelhard. #afarmag #traveldeeper

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Bergen is often referred to as norway's "second city." oslo is the country's capital, largest city, and the picture of a modern, scandinavian city. but bergen has a character all its own, and savvy travelers know that its historic sites, modern restaurants, and proximity to nature make bergen a can't-miss if you're headed for norway. need more planning tips for a norwegian adventure? head to the link in our bio. photo by @180360. #afarmag #traveldeeper

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