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Alexis hinkley, bsn rn ☤
i passed the nclex & im a freaking nurse now what the heck!!!

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Reminiscing on san francisco, and now i’m craving more adventures......... where to next? ✨🏙

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🥂 this girl is my person! loved celebrating my sweetest, bestest friend all weekend with amazing people 😍 you’re going to make the most beautiful bride, i can’t wait to stand next to you! 💕

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😂 @snarkynurses
i mean... hi. 😏 what’s the most amount of shifts you’ve worked in a row? which is the worst day? mine is always second to last.😂 #snarkynurses #spicynurses

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Inspiration vs. validation ⁣⁣
validation: recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile.⁣⁣
inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.⁣⁣
desire to be inspired but not validated to live the life that you desire to live for yourself⁣⁣
live on purpose with purpose ⁣⁣
making sure that what you do for yourself fulfills you and not other people 👑

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X-rays, ultrasound, ct scans, and mris
not a week goes by in the hospital when i’m not ordering an imaging test of some kind.
talking to patients, performing a careful physical exam, and interpreting laboratory tests can go a long way in making a diagnosis. but there are certain situations where an imaging study can be extremely helpful. some examples include a chest x-ray to assist with diagnosing pneumonia, ct abdomen to investigate for diverticulitis, or an mri brain to evaluate for a posterior circulation stroke.
but there’s a catch. many of these tests involve a lot of radiation and intravenous contrast, both of which can be harmful if used inappropriately. for this reason, caution is needed to make sure imaging studies are ordered appropriately.

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We have never sat and stared at a rock as long as we did this one. we pitched our tent directly behind where we are sitting in this photo. backcountry breakfasts and dinners accompanied by a dreamlike tranquility. cheers to morning coffee views ❤️

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