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Above the clouds ☁️

March 2019 comment 209 star 2,089

A calm view from the top a violent volcano 🌋

April 2019 comment 159 star 1,122

What a beautiful world. 🌎

April 2019 comment 171 star 1,086

It might be gloomy for now, but it’ll eventually clear up soon. ⛅️ . a nice learning from hiking that we can also apply in our lives. .
. and yes, i’m wearing gloves 🧤 even i’m in a tropical country 😂

April 2019 comment 206 star 1,497

Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures. ⛰

March 2019 comment 198 star 1,745

When you just found a perfect sunset spot. 🌅

May 2019 comment 148 star 1,129

This kinda reminds me of braavos or the iron islands from game of thrones for some reason (except for the tropical island nearby). also, i look tall on this photo so this is a must upload. 😂😂

May 2019 comment 125 star 1,052
January 2019 comment 226 star 23,957

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.
. this was taken on the mossy forest of mt. pulag. it feels like a landscape straight out of a movie!

April 2019 comment 222 star 1,372