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Un poco de taekook🤣✊🏻

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This is cute omg❤💙 (don't drop hate comments against halsey please😑)

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Favorite song at this moment ?🦋💛
tag your friends 👇🏻🥵
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Taehyung is so lovable, he's very talented and polite, he is very sweet and he is very down to earth, he's always the member that reminds everyone to support all the 7 but sadly he's the one that receives the worst treatment! he's not directing the ot7 qutoe to armys only, i hope all the bighit staffs/families treat the boys equally too! bts is successful because they're seven, they are a team and work together and because they have same goals, armys are a strong family and unbeatable because we are one, we work together and we all stan same group, we should stand up for what we think it's not right so please stand up by taehyung🙏 trust me, our bond will be stronger if we do! what happened to us? our family was such a warm family and we always fixed things...let's do it again 💜 purple you

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It's been years and i'm so tired already. i tried so hard to stay mute and never post something negative like this but people have patience and patience won't last forever💔 as a taehyung biased army we lack taehyung content and not just that but the way bighit is treating him is making me so mad, they're testing the waters too much and they think it's ok so they countinue to do so😔 and the fact that this is the fandom side, this is what we can see so what if he went through more and we don't know about it? he's literally risking it all he's a very strong human and let everything pass by only bc he loves bts and armys :( i have never seen he get mad over himself but when it comes to his members? he would risking it all and call out every wrong person over it! why was he a secret member that wasn't allowed to show himself to the fans pre-debut? why all the accidents and mistreats always involve him? who in bighit hates him to the point that does these horrible things to him? do they ever stop? how long should we stay mute about this and how many more times are they going to countinue this? "maybe he doesnt want bangtan bomb staff record him" so why did they record him all the time during mama when he was crying and tried to cover his face but those staffs shoved the camera in to his face or even during bon voyage season 3 when he started crying alone and jimin tried to comfort him the big it staff recorded him and made it look so dramatic so more people would buy it just to watch the dramatic scenes.. please tag taehyung fans and let them know the salty truths (also there's a typo in bighit's email. it's [email protected]***)

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When did you start loving bts ?

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Un meme porque ya hacía falta.
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Comment your birthday and find your birthday twin 🤪♥️

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Taehyung was about to kick hoseok out sjkksjkk can't breathe

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