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A lady just told my dad that i’m wearing too much jewelry. well, i don’t know who first said ‘less is more’, but they were probably poor. 🤷🏻‍♀️💅🏼

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Today i turned 7🎂seven years ago i came into this world as weak pup, i was one of the weakest pups among my brothers and sisters. i was shy, not very social, very clumsy and weak. today i have roamed many mountains and forests, conquered them and claimed them as mine with my pee.
i have mastered the art of begging, going from zero treats a day to empty any hooman’s pocket within seconds. they call it manipulation, i call it survival.
i have been hiking around with a personal paparazzi for the last 5 years. some days it’s fun, other days i wanna chew that lens to pieces. luckily, with your pawsome support, i can manage myself and let him document my hikes.
( to be honest, he pays me in treats as well) .
hopefully i can continue this journey for many years to come. again, thank you all for the support💚


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Girls just wanna have sun!🐷☀️another pigtastic day galmping at the beach!🐷🏖 .

loved matching pop in my flamingo dress from @theworthydog ). #emeraldisle #beachbabe #happyplace #prissyandpop

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Hiding from monday 👀

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Just like a purrrincess - always stand for what you believe in. don’t let anyone tell you how to live. 👑🐈 ☽⋆#reimercury

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•so sorry for my inactivity guys🙈i’ll post more frequently soon. promise.
anyway, i finally got a photo featuring this lil baby🐱
•do you have any pets?
•oh and how’s your week been? done anything fun? i’d love to catch up with you guys💕

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#meerkat #monday 🐿️😂

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Really human? must you always lurk around every corner taking photos of me? #yes #toophotogenic

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Throwback to when i was learning how to be sassy for the camera. just kidding, i was born that way 💁🏽‍♀️😏

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