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What’s on your mind? 🧐 latest blog posts answers some burning questions: what is sustainable fashion? is @reformation worth it? 🤑 link in the bio~~ #gifted #reformation

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It is the one year anniversary of my first uploaded video! alip 1! looking back on it, a lot has changed and at the same time everything is still the same. except for all the wonderful people i met through this project❤️❤️❤️ thank you for sticking with me and liking what i do!

i especially want to thank celery @residentanchor ❤️❤️ because of you i was even able to start posting content, i wasn't confident enough to start completely on my own, so i was overjoyed when you gave me permission to post the animatics of your story! thank you ❤️ (fun fact: game grumps first video was also posted today, but 7 years ago! funny coincidence 😂) #sandersides #sandersidesfanart #alessoninpracticality #alip #anniversary #loveyoicelery #ep.1 #thomassanders #pattonsanders #logansanders #romansanders #virgilsanders #youtube

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I couldn’t get a posed picture of el on her birthday, as hard as i tried. she was too caught up in the moment playing and giggling with her favourite people. isn’t that worth far more than a ‘perfect’ photo? i need to remind myself of these priorities more often. it’s okay to not get the perfect shot or film the perfect video. this is life with kids. it’s beautiful, messy, and rarely goes the way we plan it ☀️

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Bonsoir et mercii pour les 100 000 sur youtube ❤️ #paris #youtube #100k #outfit #outfitoftheday

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